Sunday, September 12, 2010

Bull's-eye Board Game Soon To Be Out in the Market by Nilda V Loriz (DNA Family Games)

Here's the sneak peek of word board game "Bull's-eye" invented by our very own classmate Nilda Velasquez Loriz (LPMHS Batch '81) that will hit the U.S. market in November 2010.

BOARD GAME LOVERS - here’s a new word game re-invented JUST FOR YOU !!

Gone are the days ….
Of waiting forever to take your turn
Of scoring pads and pens to tally your scores
Of long and predictable game play


BULL’S - EYE – Keep an eye on your target!

Choose your words and scores carefully.
A fun family game that challenges not only your vocabulary and spelling but also your skills in making certain valued words with points to hit a target. Targeting is the key to winning.
  • A great brain exercise where your skills in words and numbers are tested
  • A game that involves strategy, taking chances and a bit of luck
  • Scoring made easy and visible to everyone
  • No more waiting for your turn
  • Players play at the same time on equal chances and opportunities
  • A fast-moving game to keep the excitement going
  • Simply fun, exciting and challenging to play
  • Unpredictable game results where anyone can be a winner
  • A word game that can be played by anyone who can spell
  • An educational game for both kids and adults alike
  • A must-have in your family game collection


  1. wow this is a very nice family sure all of u will like it!! try to play and u will be addicted hehehe...have fun and enjoy!! love this game so much:)

  2. Thank you to the one who posted this first comment. Pakilala ka naman :) Nilda